Discovering Job Vacancies in Lagos With Accommodation


Job Vacancies in Lagos With Accommodation

Lagos, which is the busy centre of Nigeria, attracts ambitious professionals with its lively atmosphere and exciting job opportunities. However, it may feel like a double obstacle to find jobs with accommodation in Lagos but this blog post gives you useful tips on how to find jobs in Lagos that include housing.

Types of Jobs in Lagos with Accommodation

While not every employment in Lagos provides accommodation as a benefit, many industries are more likely to include it in their remuneration package. Here are some intriguing places to look into:


Hotels, resorts, and lodges commonly accommodate employees, especially those working night shifts or in isolated areas. Investigate chances as a hotel receptionist, waiter, housekeeper, or security guard.

Oil and Gas

Multinational oil and gas corporations may provide accommodation, particularly for expatriate personnel or those stationed at remote drilling locations. Look up job openings for engineers, geologists, and logistics specialists.

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To recruit talented teachers or administrators from outside, international schools or private institutions may provide housing in their packages. Consider applying for teaching or managerial employment.

Domestic Staff

Live-in nanny, housekeeper, or personal assistant positions frequently include furnished housing as part of the remuneration package.

Strategies for Finding Accommodation-Inclusive Jobs

To prioritize accommodation benefits in Lagos vacancies, research industries like oil & gas, construction, and hospitality, carefully read job descriptions and explore the company’s careers section or employee benefits page. Companies often offer accommodation options due to their operations or project locations. Companies should also provide clear phrases like “accommodation provided” or “housing allowance offered.”

Several online job boards and recruitment agencies specialize in Lagos vacancies. Here are some to get you started, allowing you to filter your search by location and benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Job Vacancies in Lagos With Accommodation

1. What types of jobs in Lagos are most likely to offer accommodation?

Companies in sectors like oil & gas, construction, hospitality, and manufacturing provide accommodation for employees. Remote jobs in Lagos may offer on-site accommodation or housing allowances.

2. Do all job descriptions explicitly mention accommodation benefits?

To find accommodation details, search for phrases like “accommodation provided,” “housing allowance offered,” or “company accommodation” on the company’s website or contact the recruiter.

3. What are the typical arrangements for company-provided housing?

Companies may provide furnished apartments, on-site dormitories, or monthly housing allowances for employees in sectors like construction or oil & gas with shift-based work.

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4. Are there any downsides to considering jobs with company-provided housing?

Company-provided housing may have limitations in space, privacy, location, and contractual obligations, so it’s crucial to understand these terms before accepting the position.

5. Should I prioritize accommodation benefits over career fit?

Prioritize career goals and growth opportunities by evaluating job roles, company culture, and overall compensation, ensuring a good fit and potential for growth.

7. Is it wise to use recruitment agencies to find jobs with accommodation in Lagos?

Yes, reputable recruitment agencies specializing in Lagos placements can be helpful. They can connect you with relevant positions and potentially guide you through the application process.

8. Is it difficult to find a job in Lagos with accommodation?

The Lagos job market is competitive, but with focused searching and these tips, you can increase your chances of finding a position with accommodation benefits. Prioritize your career goals and look for a company that offers a supportive work environment and housing as you start your Lagos adventure.


Finding your dream job with accommodation in Lagos is possible if you approach the situation correctly. Refine your search based on accommodation benefits, use specialised job boards, and prioritise positions that meet your career goals. Embrace the Lagos adventure and prepare to succeed in this lively metropolis!

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